You work. You eat lunch.

You deserve a work christmas lunch. Don't let the lack of an office mean a lack of office shenanigans. United, for one day we can pretend to be employed.

Yo, pay with BITCOIN, bitch.
You can of course, pay for your SciComm Freelancers' Xmas Lunch with bitcoin. "Why?" you ask. Because it's the god-damn future, that's why.
How much coin?
It'll cost you 0.14159 bitcoin. Use the main order form to confirm when you transfer it (if you've already ordered, you can leave the food bits blank).
Throw your bitcoins in here:

Please give us some money

We have genuinely booked the venue as if we were a real company organising the office xmas party, and as such we had to stump up the cash up-front. We all know how much fun cash-flow can be, so please do pay as soon as you can. Payment must be made by 10 December at the lastest.

The total comes to £25.95 per person. This is for the meal only, drinks can be bought on the day.

Please bank-transfer or PayPal the money to Matt with some kind of "XMAS LUNCH" keyword.

  • Name: M Parker
  • Bank: Natwest
  • Account: 55021697
  • Sort-code 60-08-34
  • PayPal

Stock Photos of Payments

In case you are unfamiliar with the concept of "money" and the activity of "paying", here's some more stock photography!